Friday, February 23, 2018

We've grown up in these barren lands.
Now, it's time to part ways                                                                  like the red sea.

I'll follow
among this


Breathing won't be easy,
                                                                                                                         Nor will leading.

                                         Only to be blown back
                                                 by your tornado
                                                   filled with
                                                        success and






Desert                                                     and                                                        dirt



I'll be left to wander with the immense somber sand.





                                                                                                                                      You'll be.




Saturday, February 17, 2018

Do you still see the sun?
Even though our days are nearly done. 
Each and every set and rise,
A step closer to our demise.

Do you see a rising sun? 

When it brightens in the morning, 
With all of its colors soaring.
Emerging from the night,
To spread its glorious light.

Awakening sleeping towns,
It peers into every room around.
Signaling a brand new day: 
Opportunities, chances, hope. 


Do you see a setting sun?

When it slips into darkness,
Sending all of the colors amiss.
Leaving only lonely traces,
Of words and forgotten faces. 

Stores close.
Parties stop.
Poems end. 
Everyone returns to their solitude.

Ending another day, another poem:
Finished. Closed. Goodbye. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Experiment #5: In Medias Res

The black waters enwrap her in its ice cold grip. Its cool touch surging through her veins while the sting of its chilling breath drag her farther and farther down to the depths of its empty stomach. Forcing her eyes open, she struggles and swims away from the darkness towards a faint light above her. She pushes away the frigid waters until the scintillating light replaces the ocean’s glacial grip with the searing stare of fire. These glowing orbs of flames float against a bleak backdrop like lily pads serenely gliding over sober waters. Time suddenly seems to slow as only for this short instant a sense of tranquility flows through her.
When she reaches the surface, however, the scene is chaos. She gulps up all the air she can, only to inhale thick gray smoke. Coughing with disgust and worry, she hecticly swims in circles for Oliver. We jumped from the same spot on the bluff. He must be around here somewhere, she wonders. “Oliver!” She yells through the surrounding wall of flames. “Oliver! Where are you?” She screams with squinted eyes through the heavy smoke and debris.
She dives beneath the water, evading the raging inferno above her. After a few seconds she emerges to hear with immense relief the distant roar of her name. She whips her head around to see Oliver frantically flailing and hurriedly shouting for her. “Over here!” She calls out to him and signals that they swim to shore.
She flings herself on to the sandy shore of ease with Oliver following behind her. “What happens now?” he whispers with sorrow. “We rest.” She responds mildly through tired eyes. They lay there soaked in the muffled dark with soft sand and broken shells intertwined between them. The waves brushing along the shoreline as if Oliver’s and her life hadn’t changed forever. As if the world was not at war and all was in perfect harmony. Drifting somewhere between a state of awake and asleep, her mind lingers on those glowing fiery orbs amid the bitter ocean. Time slows once more as she perishes into an unknown sleep.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Experiment #4

From far away the world glows
Like dying stars harboring woes
Its hidden beauty beyond the mist
Softly, it speaks to the observer

It whispers in the wind:

"Come forth, Come forth,
All who view me from afar.
Those that crave adventure.
That wish to explore above silver skies 
And below the deepest oceans."

Search for this buried world
It exists to whoever can grasp it
It lives and breathes the air we need.  

Friday, January 26, 2018

Experiment #2

Here is my Experiment 2, which is to write a children's book.

No time to pack.
We left with what was on our backs.

I carry crayons, crafts, and clothes.
My mom with worry, wishes, and woes.

We board the big train turning a color of rusty brown.
As we take off, I wave goodbye to my home town.

To the tall trees that I would climb.
Oak, Maple, and Pine.

To the big blue lake
And the bakery's chocolate cake.

To the roads I walked each day.
The events at school like sports and plays.

"Why do we have to go?" I ask with a sigh.
Mom says "This country is built on lies."

Confused, I ask her "Why do they lie to us?"
"Many people dislike you and I. Greed speckles them like dust."

Ending the conversation, she says "Think of this as a trip, a very long one."
"To a place where the clouds always cover the sun."

"Close your eyes and rest, our journey will be rough."
"However, the world does not know that we are tough."

Fast asleep, I dream of my warm bed.
The smell of mom's sweet pies and cakes waft around my head.

Cherry and berry pies with vanilla ice cream on the side.
A pantry packed tall and wide.

I dream of the green front door that greets me with a creak
And the faucet that sometimes leaks.

Of my mom's laughter
And the big smile she has after.

I dream of the huge window in my room that I look out.
To see my friends, pets, streets, and routes.

My birthday parties since I was seven
And play dates with Kelly, Kendall, and Kevin.

I dream of coloring at the kitchen table
And reading fairy tales and fables.

The times grandma stayed in the loft
And when she made chicken soup to help my cough.

I dream of riding my bike in the yard
And when I got an A on a test that was hard.

The cozy fires during the winter cold
And the summer lemonade I sold.

I dream of the parks near by
And the clear blue sky.

What reminds you of home?
A place I am now so far from.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Experiment #1

    The night falls in waves all around. There is nothing but the moonlight and the booming sound of chimes and bells to guide me. It's time.
    It is the day of my wedding, the day I seal my fate for all eternity. My mind lingers on this thought as my bridesmaids curl my long hair and mask my lips in a vibrant red. Blood red. The only problem is the growing darkness. I fear it like no other vampire. Literally, no other vampire. Each and every night it sweeps through like a tornado forever chasing after me. I knew from the start that the price to pay for marriage with a vampire is facing this fear.
    Peering out the doorway, my bridesmaids glow like candles beneath the moonlight. They glance back sending warm smiles of encouragement. This encouragement is quickly replaced by ripples of fear as the bells scream out louder and I am face to face with an abyss of darkness. It is my turn to walk down the aisle.
    Stepping out amid the dark, I remind myself of my family and the future that stands at the end of this walkway. A future filled with joy, laughter, and endless adventures. Clang! Boom! The bells. They lurch my mind back to the present, with the wedding and the night and the fear pulling at my white lace dress and hair and everything surrounding. Closer and closer and closing in. Quickly and swiftly. 
    Forcing myself forward, I lock eyes with my future husband. Immediately, all of the fear fades away as I envision a bright future with him.